Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My First Day, Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

So, this is my first ever blog.  I will probably be getting writers block and I probably wont even have any followers, but I don't care, this blog will help me express my feelings no matter what they are.  I decided not to set any goals for anything that I want to improve, but I want to just try and improve lots of things in my life and see where I am at the end of the year. 
  • Weight Loss: today I went out and bought two, six packs of Slim Fast and one pack of protein bars.  Oh did I forget that twizzlers will now be my one and only sweet until I feel halfway decent about myself.  I decided to do 30 minutes of cardio, 6 days a week, or 5, but I have to do something every single day, except for Sunday.  I have no goal, I just want to get into shape. 
  • Family Life: I havent done anything good for the familly today,  I have honestly yelled a lot.  Mom bothers me about school and Dad doesn't even speak to me.  So i have nothing further to say on this matter.
  • Spiritual: I haven't really done anything today.  Last night I prayed for the first time in forever. Thats about it.
I'm done for today.